Mobile Apps & Web App developer/designer

With the passion of creating something exceptionally for people like you and me. I believe technology is forever individual and should be accessible in all medium, technology which can solve the problem if possible in every day.I am kind of nerds who are obsessed with computing technology, be it design, build or development I do it from the bottom of my heart to do something unique.wwebz is art, science & love of the web & mobile apps creation we make beautiful design & Build usable websites, mobile apps for iPhone, iPad & Android.

We are based in a rapidly growing multicultural city called Dubai UAE. The hub for innovation and inspiration in the middle east & maybe rest of the world.
Even technology is going to next level every day. We use emails, chats & video calls to communicate, but it’s always a pleasing experience to have face to face chat with a coffee/tea.

We are located here in International city, Dubai UAE and would love to have a quick meeting 🙂