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Create Reactjs Music bookmark/favourite app using iTunes API with Redux – Part one

  Today we will be creating a music app where the user can preview songs & add to their favourite list for songs or they can remove it from favourite list, using javascript, Reactjs, Redux, HTML5, CSS3. Before we begin just to head up with technologies/Framework we are using. FYI I am on mac OS, all […]

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Creating Android/IOS Mobile hybrid Application from Angular2 Web app

To create a hybrid application from HTML/CSS/JS there are lots of options such as ionicframework,, what about creating angular2 web app to hybrid app?. When it comes to building a mobile app using super cool technology such as HTML CSS3 and javascript only one name comes in the mind Cordova. “ Target multiple platforms with one […]

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How to create ionic 2 re-useable Loader spinner?

If you want to use loader spinner to show while HTTP call is in progress or in some other time-consuming activity. You can use ionic’s loading component, shown here We can use same loading component as service in a convenient way. Let’s create loadingService.ts as below. View the code on Gist. Then inject loadingService in your […]

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